Best Valentine’s Day Flowers To Gift This Year

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Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that offers a chance to express appreciation for your loved ones. It’s a day dedicated to love and affection, where even a simple gesture can convey deep feelings. Whether you’re celebrating with a spouse, partner, or friend, it’s an opportunity to tell people in your life that you’re thinking of them. What could be a more fitting way to express that than through the language of flowers? Flowers have a pleasant and beautiful essence, which makes them a timeless and heartfelt way to showcase your feelings. They’re undoubtedly the most classic and romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, with the ability to harmonise with any other gift you choose. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which flowers to give. To help you with this, we are offering you a list of 10 popular flower ideas and their significance, so you can make this Valentine’s Day truly special for your loved ones.

1. Roses


From the romantic tales of Romeo and Juliet to the present day, a red rose has always been a symbol of love. Today, roses are popular worldwide, especially red ones for romantic occasions like dates and Valentine’s Day. Giving a red rose plant itself is a unique and special gift idea. Gifting red roses involves a mix of emotions like love, beauty, courage, and admiration. People often give red roses to convey best wishes, show appreciation, express sincerity, and share passion.

For the iconic Valentine’s Day celebration, red roses are the symbol of passionate love. They’re the perfect flowers to let your partner, lover, or crush know that you’re head over heels for them. Roses come in different types, and each colour has its own special meaning. For instance, yellow roses represent platonic love, while pink roses symbolise sweetness and appreciation. The cool thing about roses is that you can choose from various colours, making them suitable not only for romantic relationships but also for family members and friends, even if the connection isn’t romantic.

2. Peonies


Peonies are popular garden choices and are an ideal Valentine’s gift. These blooms are not just pretty; they symbolise a lot of wonderful things like love, happiness, romance, a joyful marriage, wealth, beauty, and prosperity. The shades they come in are mostly bright and vibrant, ranging from pink to red. The primary peony colours include pink, white, red, and yellow. Just like other flowers, the meaning of the peony changes based on its colour. So, when you’re picking out peonies to give someone, it’s good to know what each colour represents.

If you want a beautiful alternative to red roses, consider red peonies. Like red roses, red peonies symbolise love and passion. They make a perfect gift for your loved ones, with their many layers of delicate, ruffled petals serving as symbols of the boundless love you have for your Valentine. To make a great gift, combine a bouquet of peonies with your loved one’s favourite cake, an additional gift, or love messages. Keep in mind that these flowers also have a strong fragrance. If your partner loves strong scents, that’s perfect. But if they’re sensitive to strong fragrances, you might want to choose a different option.

3. Tulips


Tulips are delightful Valentine’s Day flowers that bring a burst of joy to our days during the spring season. Tulips normally bloom from late winter to early spring, which aligns with the time of year around Valentine’s Day. Unlike roses, which are often associated with passion and romance, tulips evoke a sense of love that can be shared in any relationship. From the deep love between a mother and a child to the happy love between best friends, tulips can effortlessly celebrate the various forms of genuine affection.

When it comes to tulips, their colours play a significant role. With hues ranging from yellow, white, orange, red, and purple to pink, each colour carries its own unique symbolism. If you’re giving tulips to your special someone on Valentine’s Day, go for red or pink because they mean love and affection. If you find yourself in a crush situation, consider choosing yellow tulips, which symbolise “hopeless” love. With such a variety of colours to choose from, choose a tulip bouquet that can perfectly convey the message you wish to send. Whether it’s for your sweetheart, a friend, or someone you really care about, tulips are a great choice that won’t let you down.

4. Gerbera Daisies


Gerbera daisies are the perfect choice if you want to convey a message of cheerfulness, joy, and loyalty. They are not only gorgeous but also have a unique way of brightening up any space and spreading happiness. These lovely blooms come in a wide range of colours, including yellow, red, pink, and white, making it easy to find the perfect match for your loved one’s preferences. Gerbera daisies are known for their sleek and elegant appearance, making them a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day. They are a symbol of beauty, innocence, and purity, making them an ideal gift for a new relationship or a long-lasting one.

By gifting your special someone gerbera daisies, you’re not just giving them flowers but also a message of hope and happiness. Whether you’re sending them to your significant other or your best friend, gerbera daisies are sure to bring a smile to their face and fill their hearts with joy. Overall, these blooms are the ideal option to add something extra special to this Valentine’s Day if you’re searching for a flower that has a lovely significance in addition to its beautiful appearance.

5. Hydrangeas


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to surprise your special someone with a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas. These lovely flowers are known for their lush clusters and make for a perfect pick for a romantic bouquet. They are symbolic of abundant love and intimacy, making them an ideal choice to convey your deepest feelings for your partner.

Hydrangeas, in particular, are a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day as they symbolise deep and sincere love. You can personalise your bunch of Hydrangea bouquets with a variety of colours to match your partner’s personality. Red and pink hydrangeas represent real emotions, deep connection, and lasting love. So, this Valentine’s Day, let hydrangeas help you express your love in a language as beautiful as the blooms themselves. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas and make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

6. Orchids


If you’re aiming for a flower that’s special, simple and has a modern touch with a minimalistic colour palette, go for orchids. Orchids have a nice, wonderful aroma and are delicate, and exotic, making them ideal for every gifting occasion. Especially if you’re giving them to your spouse, lover, or partner, go for purple and pink orchids for Valentine’s Day. Orchids carry meanings like love, strength, affection, charm, and a bit of luxury. You can even mix different types and colours to give each orchid a unique meaning.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that is not only attractive but also long-lasting, consider gifting an orchid plant. Unlike traditional cut flowers, orchids come as potted plants and can stick around for years with proper care. Their romantic charm can create sweet memories of Valentine’s Day that last for years to come. Imagine that every time you and your partner see that orchid plant, it’ll remind you of the special moments you’ve shared together. So, instead of just giving flowers, think about giving an orchid plant and adding a touch of love to every day.

7. Ranunculus


Ranunculus flowers offer a touch of timeless elegance for your Valentine’s Day celebration. These delicate blooms go beyond mere aesthetics, exuding sophistication and charm. With layers of soft and tangled petals, ranunculus flowers come in a range of romantic hues, from passionate reds to gentle pinks. Choosing ranunculus for your Valentine’s bouquet conveys a message of charm, attractiveness, and profound affection. The classic and stylish appeal of these blooms makes them a delightful choice, allowing you to express admiration and appreciation in a beautifully refined manner.

To make your gift even more special, you can combine ranunculus with other complementary flowers to create a unique and personalised bouquet. Ranunculus is a versatile flower that can be used to create imaginative and unique floral arrangements. This makes it an ideal choice for expressing your feelings through a classic and elegant Valentine’s Day gesture. Your friend or boyfriend will definitely love these gorgeously vibrant blooms on Valentine’s Day.

8. Lilies


Lilies make a majestic and meaningful addition to the array of Valentine’s Day flowers. Their impressive presence is coupled with symbolic significance, making them charming and thought-provoking. The variety of meanings associated with lilies adds depth to your romantic gesture. White lilies, symbolising purity and commitment, convey a sense of everlasting love, while pink varieties express admiration and appreciation. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, lilies also add a delightful scent that makes your thoughtful present more enjoyable to the senses.

Whether presented as a single stem or incorporated into a lush bouquet, lilies make an intense impact. Their fine beauty and rich symbolism add an extra layer of emotion to your expression of love. Lilies are an appealing option for a very special event since they allow you to express deep thoughts with a hint of elegance when sending them as a Valentine’s Day card.

9. Carnations


Carnations make a great Valentine’s Day gift because they are classic and carry a special meaning. You can get bouquets with colourful carnations that have pretty, ruffled petals. Carnations also smell nice—a mix of spicy and sweet, similar to some perfumes. Most people like red carnations for Valentine’s Day, but you can also pick pink or white ones. No matter the colour, giving carnations on Valentine’s Day is a lovely way to show someone you care.

These blooms are available in various colours, each with its own unique significance. The red carnation symbolises deep love and admiration, which captures the essence of romantic affection. Pink carnations convey gratitude and appreciation. These are thoughtful choices for expressing heartfelt thanks. White carnations symbolise purity and good luck, making them versatile in conveying a range of sentiments. Carnations are a perfect choice to show love, appreciation, and adoration on Valentine’s Day because of their everlasting beauty and freshness.

10. Anemones


The last flower on our list is anemones; if you’re searching for a unique flower that radiates charm and elegance, give it some thought. The winter blooms of these gorgeous and unusual flowers provide a timely touch to February celebrations. Anemones are simple yet appealing, symbolising the essence of real love. The most popular type is presented in a sophisticated dark vase and has crisp white petals with a dark centre that contrasts. Bright pink and purple anemones are also available for those who want a pop of colour.

In addition to being simply beautiful, anemones have significant meaning; they stand for the excitement and expectation of a romantic journey’s beginning. With a colour palette that varies from rich reds to vivid purples, it is possible to create customised bouquets that are suited to the tastes of the receiver. Giving anemones as a gift expresses the happiness and excitement that come with love and gives your Valentine’s Day celebration a special touch. By combining anemones with other flowers, you may create a bouquet that tells your unique love story and increases the warmth and elegance of your Valentine’s Day gesture.


Flowers are like messengers that say, “I love you” or “I’m here for you.” Whether it’s for your special someone or your best friend, giving flowers is a great way to show you care. This guide is here to help you pick the perfect flowers to share your love on Valentine’s Day. Each flower has its own special meaning and beauty. From the classic rose to the unique anemones, there are lots of choices. If you’re planning to deliver flowers to your Valentine, think about what your loved one likes and choose a flower that complements their style. Personalise the delivery with a heartfelt message or a thoughtful gift to make it extra special. Overall, it’s not just about the flower; it’s about expressing your thoughtfulness and taking the time to pick something exceptional. So, explore the world of flowers and find the one that says exactly what you feel this Valentine’s Day.

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